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Travel Articles

Mexico's Riviera Maya: A Beautiful Beach Resort Destination
by Barry deCocq

Travelers who are looking for a fantastic all-inclusive resort destination that is priced far below most tropical destinations in and around the Caribbean should look into Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This area has fast become a very popular tropical vacation getaway for travelers from around the world. The Riviera Maya is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico and encompasses the stretch of coastline ranging from about 5 miles to 60 miles south of Cancun.

Is An All Inclusive Resort Right For You?
by Yuri Smolyansky

All-inclusive resorts can really help vacationers get the most out of their travel dollars. Today, over 400 hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico are either all-inclusive resorts or offer all inclusive packages. Destinations such as Aruba, Cancun, St. Thomas, and Bahamas have an infrastructure that is well suited to all-inclusive and not all inclusive resorts because there is a wide election of restaurants and amenities for tourism. Jamaica and the Dominican Republic on the other hand don't have the tourism infrastructure in place and are best suited for all inclusive vacations.

Enjoy the Bahamas with Adequate Sun Protection
by Fred Coolridge

Crystal clear turquoise waters, endless white sand beaches, perfect temperate weather- a vacation in the Bahamas is heavenly. It is easy to wile away the hours of the day under the hot Bahamas sun, reading a book or sipping a cocktail. Unfortunately, your dream vacation can be less than perfect if you do not take certain precautions while basking in the sun.

Royal Caribbean Cruises! Where Their Slogan Is “Get Out There™” and They Mean It
by William Lezubski

Imagine a cruise line where choices include ships with golf courses and rock-climbing walls looming 200 feet over the ocean. Where there is so much happening, so much to discover and experience it’s just possible the crack of dawn will need to be your wake up call.

Hotels aren’t the only place you can stay on vacation
by Joe Collinsworth

Today, we as travelers have a ton of options to consider. Where to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to take, how to plan, where to find deals. You get the point. Well, this article is to introduce you to options on where to stay other than a hotel.

Three Ways to Get Cheap Airfare
by Kerry Emrich

Before you start planning your getaway, have you tried and of these three different ways to get discounted airfare? This article has been written to give you a way to plan the best vacation you’ve ever had while getting the cheapest airfare possible.

Experience Maine with Coastal Kayaking Tours
by Monica Marty

Are you an avid kayaker? Do you love to travel? Are you searching for a way to experience sea kayaking while taking in the scenic views of the Eastern U.S. coast? Then sea kayaking in Maine is right up your alley. Set your sites for the Maine. It has a striking coastline and waters sure to satisfy any kayaker.

Romantic Getaway - Travel Survival Tips
by Holly Bentz - fruitionMedia.net

Vacations, distant destinations and a new amour conjure the unexpected. The insecurity of unfamiliar surroundings can surface irreconcilable differences amongst young love in bloom.

Crystal Cruises: An Air Of Elegance, Presence Of Beauty, Spirit Of Adventure, And A Feeling Of Tranquility!
by William Lezubski

On a Crystal cruise it is not difficult to find what you seek. In fact, your search for a place beyond ordinary is over. “Splendidly Uncommon”! Ablaze with intoxicating color and high style, Crystal Cruises' Harmony, Symphony and Serenity are ships of superlatives that capture the aura of extravagant parties, big, snazzy cars and high tea in the Palm Court while Porter, Gershwin, Mozart and Bach float on the air.